Balloon to Fly Tourists to Edge of Space Whilst the travel industry is focused on the current pandemic, here at Altitude Flights we are delighted to report on something totally different. In Fact, it’s out of this world.   Two companies, Space Perspective and PriestmanGoode, are working together to make a balloon that will fly passengers to the edge of space. I will be called Spaceship Neptune. The balloon will use hydrogen to float up Read More
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Ride the World’s Longest ‘Flying Fox’ in New Zealand New Zealand calls itself the home of adventure tourism, with many exciting activities for tourists around the country. One example is the Skywire ride — the world’s longest “flying fox” — found at Cable Bay Adventure Park, outside of Nelson, on the South Island. A “flying fox” is what New Zealanders call a “zipline” — where a person uses a pulley to move down a cable Read More
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Skiplagging: Cheap Flights that Airlines Hate Did you know that you can sometimes save money by buying more airfares than you actually need? This is called skiplagging. For example. Let’s say you want to fly from New York to San Francisco. A direct flight might be $400, but a flight from New York to Seattle with a stop in San Francisco might be $250. So you could save $150 by buying the Seattle flight and getting off Read More
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A Tour of Europe’s Best Christmas Markets Christmas markets are a popular holiday tradition. Some people go to them to buy gifts, and others to enjoy food and drinks with friends. Here are some of Europe’s best Christmas markets. Cologne, Germany Cologne is home to many Christmas markets, with the biggest taking place in front of Cologne Cathedral. As many as 4 million people visit it every year. As well as market stalls selling toys, Read More
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Travelling Abroad in 2020? Avoid These Places Travel publisher Fodor’s has released its “No List” of places tourists should avoid in 2020. Some of the places are being damaged by tourists and others are not safe to visit. Big Sur in California doesn’t have enough toilets or places to camp for all the people now visiting. And tourists are drinking so much of the groundwater at Angkor Wat in Cambodia that the 12th century temple Read More
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How to Stop Worrying About Work While on Holiday   A 2018 survey by the American Psychological Association (APA) found that 66% of Americans have more energy after a holiday, but 21% still feel work stress while away. So how do you really relax while on holiday? Tell your coworkers what to expect Speaking to Time, the APA’s David Ballard said that it’s important to tell your coworkers how often you’ll be available while away. He says Read More
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‘Greenliner’ Plane Aims to Cut Emissions On the 18th November 2019. Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways said it will be launching one of the world’s most fuel-efficient long-haul aircraft. Etihad’s “Greenliner” is a Boeing 787 Dreamliner that will make its first flight from Abu Dhabi to Brussels in January 2020. Etihad’s CEO Tony Douglas described the plane as a flying laboratory that could benefit the entire industry. Douglas said the goal of the Greenliner is to be Read More
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Mistakes That Can Make Travel More Expensive Travelling abroad can cost a lot. So if you want to save money on your next trip, try not to make these mistakes and never forget abut insurance: Not getting travel insurance Getting hurt or sick in another country can cost a lot of money. Travel insurance may seem like a waste when everything goes right, but it normally only costs between 4% and 10% of the cost of your Read More
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Increase your online safety and privacy when surfing Switch on your VPN and save 83% What is a VPN? A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is simply a way used to connect different networks located separated from the Internet to offer you privacy. VPN has a lot of advantages to increase our online safety and privacy when surfing the internet from hackers. If you connect to a public WiFi network. For example: in a hotel or Read More
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Upgrade Your Budget Hotel Room With These Tips Hotel rooms can be very expensive, but there are many ways you can make a budget room feel nicer. Here are a few ways you can upgrade your stay. Problems with dry air Dry air from the air conditioner can be bad for your skin and make it hard to sleep. So get a small wet towel and put it in front of the air vent to Read More
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