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Indonesia Plans to Grow Tourism With “Ten New Bali’s” Indonesian president Joko Widodo plans to grow tourism in the country by developing “10 new Balis”. In order for visitors spend time and money in different places around Southeast Asia’s largest economy. In 2018, Indonesia welcomed 15.8 million visitors, of which about 40 percent went to island of Bali. The most popular tourist destination in a nation made of thousands of islands and home to almost
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How to Stay Safe From Heatstroke This Summer As the world’s climate continues to warm, deaths from high temperatures are likely to become more common. Because of this, it’s never been more important to know what heatstroke is and how to avoid it.   What is heatstroke? Heatstroke happens when a person’s body temperature rises to 40 degrees Celsius or higher. It can cause organ or brain damage, or even death. Anyone can experience heatstroke, but young children,
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The right seat on a flight can make the difference between a good and bad journey. But what do you do if you can’t get the seat you want? First, check again online before you fly, or try calling the airline. Some seats may have become available since you bought your ticket. Currently all fights booked with Qatar Airways offers free seat allocation, whereas some other airlines can charge up to $50 If that doesn’t work, try
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Lonely Planet’s Top Places to Visit in Asia Pacific In July 2019, Lonely Planet listed its top 10 places to visit in Asia Pacific. If you’re having trouble deciding where to go, here’s a look at the top three. 3. Bay of Islands & Northland, New Zealand Found north of Auckland, New Zealand’s Northland area is known for its kauri trees. Some of the largest trees in the world, they can live over 1,000 years. Northland
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Tokyo Celebrates 1 Year Until Olympic Games The Tokyo Olympics are one year away. On July 24th 2019, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe welcomed thousands of politicians, sponsors and fans to a huge hall in central Tokyo. In order to see speeches, music and dance performances. Also to see the gold, silver, and bronze medals that will be used in the games for the first time. The medals were created by Japanese designer Junichi Kawanishi. The front
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ANA Launches Honolulu Route on World’s Largest Passenger Jet Japan’s largest airline, All Nippon Airways (ANA), has purchased three new Airbus A380s, the world’s largest passenger aircraft. The planes will fly between Tokyo and Honolulu, making ANA the first Japanese airline to fly the A380 to Hawaii. ANA provides about 20% of passenger seats from Tokyo to Hawaii, while Japan Airlines provides 35%. ANA offers three daily flights to Hawaii on Boeing 787’s, which can carry 200
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Scandinavian Airlines Stops Duty Free Sales to Cut Emissions Faced with growing concern about the impact air travel has on climate change, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) said it will stop selling duty-free goods on planes to reduce weight and save fuel in order to help reduce emissions. SAS aims to reduce its emissions by at least 25% by 2030. Recently, airlines have been under pressure to become more environmentally friendly. In Nordic countries in particular, people are
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Vacations with a Difference. What is Volunteer Tourism? Volunteer tourism means travelling somewhere to do charity work. It may be seen by many people as a more positive and cheaper way to see the world. By choosing to volunteer during their vacations, people can do anything from teaching in Africa to protecting animals in South Asia. Most volunteer travel programs are especially popular with younger travellers. But some groups like Doctors Without Borders bring people
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Delta Airlines came in first place in a long-running study that ranks US airlines by how often flights arrive on time and other data. Academics at Wichita State University and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University recently released the study, now in its 29th year. They used 2018 data from the US Transportation Department on rates of on-time arrivals, mishandled baggage, bumping passengers, and customer complaints. Delta was the only airline to improve in all four categories, the researchers
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  Announcements by British Airways British Airways is due to launch its new Airbus A350 in June 2019. The aircraft will be launched alongside the eagerly awaited new Club World Business Class seat. British Airways will also be launching upgrades to the First Class and World Traveller Plus cabins. Also this Summer British Airways is expected to complete a wifi rollout on its short-haul fleet. A350 Delivery British Airways has 18 firm orders for the Airbus A350-1000,
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