Beijing, China’s sprawling capital, has history stretching back 3 millennia. However, it’s known now for modern architecture as much as its ancient sites such as the grand Forbidden City.

The imperial palace during the Ming and Qing dynasties. In addition to this, is the nearby, the massive Tiananmen Square pedestrian plaza is the site of Mao Zedong’s mausoleum and the National Museum of China, displaying a vast collection of cultural relics.

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The city is famous for its magnificent palaces, temples, parks, gardens, tombs, walls and gates. Beijing is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world. Beijing was the second highest earning tourist city in the world in 2018, after Shanghai.

Being is a dynamic, changing city. There is a mix of old and new all around. You can see the most modern technology living next door to the most ancient cultural norms and social settings. The people here can seem a little bit cold, but once you break the ice you will find that they are very friendly and engaging, and speaking some Mandarin is definitely helpful.

Arriving in Beijing Airport

The Airport Express Line train is the quickest option as it takes only 20 minutes and isn’t affected by traffic. An airport taxi takes around 40 minutes to reach the centre. The Airport Shuttle bus takes 70 minutes to reach the Beijing Railway Station.

The average cost of a taxi from Beijing International Airport (PEK) to the city centre is 18€ (CNY 135), based on a taximeter. However, once in the city centre, you can expect to pay around 8€ (CNY 60) for any trip within the city borders.

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