Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia is a southeast Asia. It’s made up of thousands of volcanic islands. Furthermore, It is known for its vast wildlife and beautiful scenery. It is home to a number of different cultures which influenced its architecture, food and way of life.

Jakarta is home to the largest Mosque in South East Asia, the Istiqlal Mosque. However, the city was first established as a capital city by the Dutch colonials, and the area that is now called Kota Tua served as the headquarters of the Dutch East India Company.

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Don’t forget to visit its museums.


The National Museum of Jakarta hosts a variety of historical artifacts, sculptures, and historical items dating back from the precolonial period. In addition to this, try to visit the Museum Bank of Indonesia which hosts the history of the finance and economy of Indonesia. However, there are also other interesting places to visit like the Kite Museum, the Textile Museum and the History Museum.

Finally, if art is your thing, then try the Galeri Nasional Indonesia, which is the most famous art gallery in Indonesia. It is home to a variety of well curated art work by Indonesia’s top national artists.

Arriving at Jakarta Airport

Travelling from Jakarta airport (CGK) to city centre. The distance from Soekarno Hatta Airport to the city centre is 28 kilometres. The travel time is around 40 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes by taxi depending on the traffic. The taxi fare is around 150 000 to 200 000 IDR which is $15-20 USD.

However, the best way from Jakarta airport to city is by train for 70 000 IDR which is $5 USD and the travel time is around 50 minutes to the Main Train Station in Jakarta

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