Singapore Announces New Visa


Singapore Announces New Visa for Foreign Workers Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower has announced new work visa rules to encourage foreigners to work in the country. The Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass, which will be available from January 2023. Allowing foreigners making at least 30,000 SQD, about $21,500 a month to work in the country for five years. Workers will also be allowed to work for, or start more than one company at one time. In […]

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Tips for Surviving a Long Haul Flight

Tips for Surviving a Long Haul Flight In 2008 Singapore Airlines broke the record for the world’s longest commercial flight. The flight from Singapore to Newark, New Jersey, travels 16,700 kilometres in about 18.5 hours. There are no economy seats on the flight – just premium economy and business class seats. Most travel writers recommend flying business or first class for long-haul flights, but how do you survive if you can’t afford to upgrade? A common fear for […]

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New ‘Flying-V’ Airplane Makes First Flight

New ‘Flying-V’ Airplane Makes First Flight Researchers have for the first time flown a model of the Flying-V. This is a new type of airplane designed to carry passengers, fuel and cargo in its large wings. The model of the V-shaped plane was about 2.8 metres long, 3.1 metres wide and weighed 22.5 kilograms. Flown using remote control, it took off at 80 kilometres per hour and flew as planned. The plane is a project […]

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