Airbnb Launches Online Cooking Lessons with Famous Chefs

Airbnb Launches Online Cooking Lessons with Famous Chefs

Airbnb has launched online cooking lessons with chefs from well-known or Michelin-starred restaurants as part of its new Online Experiences service. The lessons include chefs talking about their favourite dishes and cooking a meal. A list of ingredients is shared ahead of time so viewers can follow the chef’s recipe and cook it at home.

“As a chef we connect with our guests through our food, but we don’t often have the chance to share and explore the stories behind dishes with diners directly,” said David Chang, founder of the Momofuku Group and one of the chefs taking part.

The first four lessons were in July from chefs David Chang, Edward Lee, Claudette Zepeda and Rōze Traore.

Proceeds from the lessons with Chang, Lee and Zepeda went to The Lee Initiative, which is helping to support restaurants affected by COVID-19. Proceeds from Traore’s lesson went to Harboring Hearts, a charity helping the families of those suffering from heart conditions.

Other chefs taking part include Jun Lee, chef and owner of Soigné restaurant in Seoul, South Korea; Malcolm Lee, chef and owner of Candlenut restaurant in Singapore; and Andrew Zimmerman, executive chef at Sepia restaurant in Chicago.

Airbnb launched Airbnb Experiences in 2016, a service travellers can use to book activities and tours. In April, the company launched Online Experiences so that these activities could continue through the pandemic.

The service offers many different experiences, from meditation lessons to classes on magic tricks. As well as famous chefs, you can also book an experience with an Olympic athlete. In addition to these experiences, you can also arrange fitness classes, and talks about confidence and how to manage stress.