What Is Overbooking and Why Do Airlines Do It?

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What Is Overbooking and Why Do Airlines Do It? Many airlines overbook their flights and end up “bumping” passengers.. Meaning they sell more tickets than there are seats on the plane. But why do they do it? What happens to passengers who arrive at the airport only to learn that their seat is already taken? Like any business, airlines want to make money. So, they try to fill as many seats on each plane as […]

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What is Volunteer Tourism?

Vacations with a Difference. What is Volunteer Tourism? Volunteer tourism means travelling somewhere to do charity work. It may be seen by many people as a more positive and cheaper way to see the world. By choosing to volunteer during their vacations, people can do anything from teaching in Africa to protecting animals in South Asia. Most volunteer travel programs are especially popular with younger travellers. But some groups like Doctors Without Borders bring people […]

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