What is Volunteer Tourism?

Vacations with a Difference. What is Volunteer Tourism?

Volunteer tourism means travelling somewhere to do charity work. It may be seen by many people as a more positive and cheaper way to see the world.

By choosing to volunteer during their vacations, people can do anything from teaching in Africa to protecting animals in South Asia.

Most volunteer travel programs are especially popular with younger travellers. But some groups like Doctors Without Borders bring people with certain skills to where they can help most.

Volunteers enjoy seeing new countries, getting to know the local people and culture, and helping with important projects. Volunteer tourism can also be a good way to learn new skills. Also it looks good on university and job applications.

However, some people see problems with volunteer tourism as it can take jobs away from local workers. And gives them to people who may not have the training and experience to really help.

Anyone who wants to try volunteer tourism should think carefully about how they can use their knowledge and skills to help others. It’s also important to learn about the country they’re visiting. Because that will help them understand its culture.

Do you want to volunteer with an award-winning animal welfare charity in Sri Lanka?

The Dogstar Foundation are looking for exceptional people. Who want to use their professional skills and experience to help transform animal welfare and make a sustainable difference to animals and people in Sri Lanka in 2019-2020

Your skills could make a huge difference for animal welfare

From Fundraising, social media management, photographer, videographer, marketing and PR to project management and charity governance. There are many ways your professional skills and experience can make a real and sustainable positive impact on animal welfare in Sri Lanka.

Due to visa and work permit restrictions hands-on roles working with animals are currently limited to Registered Veterinary Nurses ( or equivalent ). Who can commit to a minimum of 12 weeks. Veterinary surgeons although welcome will not be able to practise due to restrictions in licensing by the Sri Lanka Veterinary Council.

Ethics are at the heart of everything they do at Dogstar. They do not charge volunteers to “work” with them. Free accommodation can be provided for individuals who have committed to longer term volunteering. All Volunteers will need to enter the country on a non-tourist visa. This process can take up to 12 weeks so they cannot process last-minute applications.