How to Stop Worrying About Work While on Holiday

How to Stop Worrying About Work While on Holiday


A 2018 survey by the American Psychological Association (APA) found that 66% of Americans have more energy after a holiday, but 21% still feel work stress while away. So how do you really relax while on holiday?

Tell your coworkers what to expect

Speaking to Time, the APA’s David Ballard said that it’s important to tell your coworkers how often you’ll be available while away. He says you should also think about the biggest problems that could happen and make a plan to deal with them.

Don’t check email too often

A 2018 Accountemps survey found that about 56% of US workers still communicate with coworkers while away. But Ballard says that it’s important to have time when you’re not thinking about work stress. He suggests only using your phone or computer at set times so you don’t think about work the rest of the time.

Plan for your return

If you go back to work and feel stressed right away, the benefits of your holiday can disappear in just a few days. Ballard suggests setting aside time to check your emails on your first day back, or even working from home for a day so you don’t feel behind as soon as you get back to work and reduce that stress.
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