Qantas Takes Flight Experience to New Heights

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Qantas Takes Flight Experience to New Heights with ‘Project Sunrise’ Suites

Get ready to experience a whole new level of luxury in the skies with Qantas!

Qantas is set to launch the world’s longest passenger flight as part of “Project Sunrise”. From late 2025, you can travel non-stop from Sydney to New York or London in about 20 hours, without any layovers or connecting flights.

The airline’s Project Sunrise includes 12 brand new Airbus A350-1000 planes, with each aircraft offering a more spacious and comfortable experience for passengers than ever before. With a reduced seating capacity of 238 passengers, Qantas has prioritized passenger comfort by providing more legroom and personal space.

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Qantas has gone above and beyond

But that’s not all, Qantas has gone above and beyond to create an unforgettable flying experience for its passengers. The airline has revealed the design of each plane’s six first-class and 52 business-class suites. These were created in collaboration with Australian design company Caon Design and sleep researchers from the University of Sydney.

Qantas’ first-class suites are complete with a door, a bed, an armchair, a large TV, a closet. Therefore offering enough space for two people to enjoy a meal together. You’ll feel like you’re staying in a hotel room with the only difference being walls that are just 1.4 metres high.

In addition to the luxurious first-class suites, the business-class suites offer an equally comfortable experience. With a door for privacy, a TV, and an armchair that can fold out into a 2-meter-long bed, business-class passengers can enjoy a good night’s sleep on board.

But the luxurious experience doesn’t stop there. All passengers on board will have access to free Wi-Fi, and a wellness area where they can stretch their legs or relax during the long flight.

In 2019, Qantas’ test flight broke the record for the longest passenger flight in the world. However with the launch of “Project Sunrise,” the airline is set to reclaim its title. So, why not take a leap into luxury and comfort by flying non-stop with Qantas on the world’s longest passenger flight?

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