Save up to 60% on Hotels and up to $50 on Flights

save money on flights and hotels

Save up to 60% on Hotels and up to $50 on Flights with no hidden fees

Did you know, that on average people spend more than 10 hours planning just one holiday & searching for the best online rates for hotels and flights?

Thankfully there is now a much easier way. At Altitude Flights you can search both flights and hotels in minutes. And when you do a search with us, you are price comparing hundreds of websites at the same time and we show you the best deals available on the internet.

Have you noticed how both prices for flights and hotels have increased this year?

It’s especially relevant since the Covid pandemic has hit the travel industry harshly. This has resulted in enormously decreased revenues and the travel industry is eager to earn that money back. You’re the one paying for the poor revenue during the pandemic.

Ever noticed that the price has increased on your 2nd visit?

If you keep on searching for the same flights/hotels from the same device, the price gets higher. This is true as the travel provider sees this as demand. Likewise if you are looking for 6 seats, its best to only search for 1 as if you keep repeating the search for 6 over and over again, then the price will definitely increase as the airline will think there is huge demand for your dates.


Don’t worry no more! At Altitude Flights, this doesn’t happen.

We get our availability and prices from an API feed direct from the supplier. When you search with us, you are overriding the suppliers’ traffic awareness software. It’s like getting your prices from the back door of the airline or hotel.

Cheaper Hotel Price Elsewhere?

There’s countless number of booking websites out there. Just by comparing different suppliers for the same room the price differences can be as much as 60%. You think you found a great price on Agoda? How can you be sure that it doesn’t cost $50 less on (or any other provider)? The thing is before, you had to check them all to find out.

Now at Altitude Flights we do all the hard work for you.

We compare prices and show you the best deal. We monitor deals, search and compare prices provided by 70 hotel booking services. 70 hotel reservation agencies. We show all Prices & all Discounts.

Loyalty Programs

Most of the hotel online booking sites have their own loyalty programs. For Example, even Genius members on sometimes pay much more than it would cost on another provider. Don’t be loyal to these booking websites. As they can never guarantee that their price will always be lower than on 100’s of other booking sites. You still need to COMPARE. That’s where Altitude Flights comes into its own. We are totally transparent and will never be loyal to one specific supplier. Our focus is on the lowest price for you.

Taxes and Fees

It’s no secret that various taxes & fees are included in the price of your stay. That itself is not a problem. However, the fact that the total price (with taxes included) is not always shown can be called one. Agoda, as an example, shows prices without taxes, and that’s why they seem lower than on competitors’ websites. In some instances, taxes can be incredibly high. For example: Las Vegas hotels can cost $19 and turn into $49 after including state taxes.

hotel deals

For the last decade, only two names have dominated the travel industry: and Expedia. These companies own most of the well-known online booking sites. for example owns these following brands: Kayak, Priceline, and Agoda. Mistakenly people think these are as independent, making you feel like you have plenty of options to choose from.

Checking a bunch of online travel sites, clicking a million links and wasting your time at a computer screen instead of just selecting one independent price comparison site is very time consuming.

Save the biggest price possible by spending only a few seconds on Altitude Flights which is a 100% free and unique tool that guarantees you the lowest possible price on any stay you’re booking.

Altitude Flights has no hidden fees.

Altitude Flights shows you the final room pricing. No additional taxes and hidden fees. Final prices. No hidden fees.
We search both the large booking websites and small local systems. Often at times, small family hotels are not listed on large booking websites.

Search NOW and see what you can SAVE.