World’s Highest Hotel Opens in Shanghai

‘World’s Highest Hotel’ Opens in Shanghai

China’s J Hotel Shanghai Tower, which opened on 19th June 2021, is being called the world’s highest hotel.

Its highest floors are located near the top of the 632 metre tall Shanghai Tower. Which is the world’s second-tallest skyscraper after Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

However, hotel height records usually only count buildings that are used as hotels from top to bottom. Thus the Guinness World Records says that Gevora Hotel in Dubai is actually the world’s tallest, at just 356 metres.

J Hotel’s lobby is on the 101st floor of Shanghai Tower, with its top on the 120th floor, which is 556 metres high. However, visitors needn’t worry about a slow ride up as the building has the world’s second fastest lifts. This can travel at over 72 kilometres per hour.

J Hotel features 165 rooms and suites, over 1,000 pieces of art, seven restaurants and bars. In addition to this, there is a swimming pool on the 84th floor.

The Stateroom, the hotel’s cheapest, is over 60 square metres in size, offering guests a 24-hour butler service and a view of the Huangpu River for about $560 a night. The 195-square-metre J-Suite, which has a dining room for eight people and a sauna room, costs over $10,000 a night.

Shanghai Tower officially opened in 2016, but for years only the lights in the lower parts of the building could be seen at night, making the top look empty as few businesses rented space there. But now that the hotel is welcoming guests, the building will look more complete.