Things You Need When Packing for a Long Trip

Things You Need When Packing for a Long Trip

Deciding what to pack for a long trip can be difficult. However, with these four items, you’ll be out the door in no time!

1. Luggage scale

A luggage scale is a small, easy-to-carry tool that checks the weight of your bags. Use it to make sure the gifts and clothes you buy while travelling will be able to come home with you. That way you won’t have to pay extra for luggage at the airport.

2. Travel wallet

While most places are safe to travel, large wallets can easily be stolen. That’s why it’s a good idea to carry your credit cards, an ID, travel documents and a small amount of cash in a small travel wallet or money clip. And leave some cash back at your hotel just to be safe.


3. Travel adapters

Depending on where you’re travelling to, you may need an adapter to plug in anything that uses electricity. If one of your devices needs a specific amount of electricity, you may also need a converter to provide the correct amount of electricity so it doesn’t get damaged.

4. Appropriate footwear

Before you fill your bag with clothing, make space for shoes. Items like shirts can be bought in most cities, but you may not be able to find shoes in your size. So bring enough pairs for all your planned activities. If you can only pack two pairs, go with comfortable waterproof walking shoes and a pair that you could wear to a museum or an evening of drinks.