Tokyo Named World’s Safest City

Tokyo Named World’s Safest City for 3rd Year in a Row

The Economist Intelligence Unit has found that Tokyo is the safest city in the world for the third year in a row.
Tokyo has the world’s best digital security and the world’s second-best health security. Measured by things like access to healthcare and the quality of the air and water.

Singapore is the world’s second-safest city. It has the world’s best infrastructure security, measured by things like transportation safety and deaths from natural disasters. It also has the world’s best personal security, measured by things like the amount of crime and corruption, and the danger of war or terrorism.

Third-place Osaka has the world’s best health security, and the second-best infrastructure security after Singapore.

Amsterdam is the fourth-safest city; next are Sydney, Toronto and Washington, DC. Copenhagen and Seoul share eighth place, and Melbourne is 10th.

Four of the 10 safest cities are in East or Southeast Asia – but so are some of the least safe. Out of 60 cities, Manila is 43rd, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City are both 47th, Jakarta is 53rd and Yangon in Myanmar is 58th.

The two least safe cities are Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, which has the world’s worst infrastructure security; and Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria, which has the worst health and personal security.

The report says that safety in cities is important because more people around the world are living in them. According to a 2018 UN report, 55% of people in the world now live in a city, up from 30% in 1950, and that number will rise to 68% by 2050.