4 Tips to Never Miss a Flight

4 Tips to Never Miss a Flight

There are many reasons why travellers miss their flights. Even if you arrive at the airport early, you may not make it to your gate on time. Here are some tips to help you be on time for every flight.

Don’t check any bags

If possible, only bring a carry-on bag so you can avoid checking luggage.Checking bags can add hours to a trip – from standing in line at the check-in counter to waiting for your luggage at baggage claim.
Double-check your bags
According to a 2018 study. Going through airport security can take up to an hour at some airports depending on the time of day. To avoid having your bags searched, make sure you aren’t carrying any liquids more than 100 millilitres, and that your toiletries are in a clear plastic bag.

You can also save time by taking off your jacket and belt while waiting in line, and having your ID and boarding pass in hand.

Sign up for text or email alerts

Most airlines will send you emails or text messages to remind you about your flight, and to tell you if your flight has been delayed or the gate has changed. You can also download a smartphone app, like Flightview or FlightAware, to track your flights.

Be polite

If you are running late, try to stay calm and treat everyone nicely. Apologise if you arrive at the gate late. If the doors are closing and you want any chance of being allowed to board, ask nicely. Being nice is always the right thing to do.