Digital Detox Travel

Digital Detox

Digital Detox Travel Digital detox travel is a type of holiday where you take a break from using technology like phones, computers, and tablets. It’s a chance to switch off from the distractions of modern life and focus on enjoying your surroundings and spending time with the people you’re with. When you go on a […]

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Travel Tips for Jet Set Pet Owners

Travel Tips for Jet Set Pet Owners Dreaming of global adventures with your furry companion? These travel tips will make jet-setting with your pet a breeze. Numerous pet-friendly airlines, including Alaska, Southwest, United, American, Delta, JetBlue, Spirit, and Frontier, allow pets in the cabin for $95 to $100 each way. Different countries have varying pet […]

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Qantas Takes Flight Experience to New Heights

qantas a350

Qantas Takes Flight Experience to New Heights with ‘Project Sunrise’ Suites Get ready to experience a whole new level of luxury in the skies with Qantas! Qantas is set to launch the world’s longest passenger flight as part of “Project Sunrise”. From late 2025, you can travel non-stop from Sydney to New York or London […]

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Five Top Hot Spring Spas in Europe

spas europe

Five Top Hot Spring Spas in Europe What could be better than a hot spring spa  bath after a long day of sightseeing? Here are five top European hot spring spas where you can do just that. Széchenyi Thermal Bath, Hungary This is the largest spa in Hungary’s capital city, Budapest. Built in 1913, this […]

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Save up to 60% on Hotels and up to $50 on Flights

save money on flights and hotels

Save up to 60% on Hotels and up to $50 on Flights with no hidden fees Did you know, that on average people spend more than 10 hours planning just one holiday & searching for the best online rates for hotels and flights? Thankfully there is now a much easier way. At Altitude Flights you […]

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Singapore Announces New Visa


Singapore Announces New Visa for Foreign Workers Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower has announced new work visa rules to encourage foreigners to work in the country. The Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass, which will be available from January 2023. Allowing foreigners making at least 30,000 SQD, about $21,500 a month to work in the country for […]

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Journey to Dubai’s Museum of the Future

dubai museum of the future

Journey to Dubai’s Museum of the Future Dubai’s museum of the future, to some, it’s a big eye. To others, it’s a huge ring or a donut. The prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, calls it, “The most beautiful building in the world.” However, one thing is for […]

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Island of Cyprus


What to See on the Island of Cyprus With green mountains and wide beaches. As well as ruins from the days of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The island nation of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean offers a large number of eye catching places to visit. Here are just a few. Painted Churches in the […]

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The Safest Places to Travel in Europe


The Safest Places to Travel in Europe How do you choose a holiday destination? Perhaps you look for good weather or value for money. But if you’re most worried about safety, a new study by Forbes Advisor that ranks the safest vacation destinations in Europe may help you decide. The list ranks 25 European Union […]

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Direct Flights from Auckland to New York

air new zealand

Air New Zealand Announces 17-Hour Direct Flight to New York Passengers from New Zealand can soon fly direct to New York City in about 17 hours with the country’s national airline announcing a new long-haul route. Air New Zealand will begin operating flights between Auckland Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York […]

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